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You are part of a select group that is going to help change the world of yoga! HeatAsana is a brand new concept of smart, heated yoga mats and yoga towels. We are currently in development but we'll begin offering mats and towels to a select few to help us with Beta Testing. Subscribe below to get updates on our progress and to secure your invite to the launch party!


The HeatAsana started with a simple idea... Practicing yoga in the cold sucks. If you're like us, then you love being outside, the only problem is, it's often cold outside, and inside, and at the gym, pretty much everywhere. So one year of development later, we have the HeatAsana, the world's first RAPID heat portable yoga mats, and towels.  The lightweight robust design has customized heat settings tailored to your ideal temperature and practice.  We also found they are amazing for traditional yoga practices, stretching, muscle recovery, or creating your own heated yoga. HeatAsana will enhance and change you!

We invite you to come join the HeatAsana family!



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